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Department of Justice Basic Training

Time limit: 30 days
3 credits

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Student Audience An ideal student is passionate about criminal justice and societal well-being. They possess a strong sense of ethics, critical thinking skills, and a genuine desire to understand and address complex issues within the criminal justice system. This student is dedicated to academic excellence, actively engages in class discussions, and demonstrates a commitment to making a positive impact in their community through their studies and future career. They value fairness, social justice, and are eager to learn and contribute to the field under Dr. Roberts' guidance.

Course Objectives:

  • Comprehensive Understanding: Develop a deep understanding of contemporary issues and challenges within the criminal justice system, covering various aspects such as law enforcement, legal processes, corrections, and criminological theories.
  • Critical Analysis: Enhance critical thinking and analytical skills to evaluate and critique policies, procedures, and practices within the criminal justice system, considering their implications on individuals and society.
  • Ethical Awareness: Cultivate an ethical mindset and ethical decision-making capabilities, emphasizing the importance of justice, fairness, and integrity within the criminal justice profession.


  • "Criminal Justice in America" by George F. Cole, Christopher E. Smith, and Christina DeJon"
  • "Policing in America" by Larry K. Gaines and Victor E. Kappeler

Academic Journals:

  • "Criminology" - A leading journal focusing on the study of crime and deviant behavior.
  • "Justice Quarterly" - A scholarly journal exploring the justice system and related policies.

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