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Advanced Music Theory

Ended Dec 30, 2019

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Student Audience This course is designed for upper-division undergraduates and new graduate students in music theory who have completed "Intro to Music Theory".


After completing this course, students should have a strong understanding of advanced notation, the physics behind music theory, beyond the basic concepts of music theory and deep knowledge on topics such as transposition.

In this course you will learn to:

  • Demonstrate the use of key signatures, meter, simple diatonic harmony, and historically traditional styles of music 
  • Demonstrate the use of chromatic harmony nonharmonic tones, compound meters and modulation 
  • Use the keyboard to realize common scales, triads and chord progressions 
  • Demonstrate the ability to identify common rhythms, harmonies and melodies by listening to them 
  • Demonstrate a knowledge of the physical attributes of sound (acoustics) 
  • Explain and demonstrate the commonly accepted principles of twentieth-century musical techniques 
  • Arrange and transpose music appropriate for classroom and performance needs 


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