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American History 101 - Angela Carter

Ended Aug 9, 2018

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Full course description

Course Details

Duration: 5 Weeks

Commitment: 1-2 Hours per week (suggested)

Course Type: Independent Study

Requirement: None

Text Book: None


Professor Aren Jurel
Professor of Arts & Sciences

Professor Jurel has been teaching science at the university level for over thirty years. His academic record includes a history of research that has led to numerous publications including as a major contributor to a cover piece published in Cell (1996). Professor Jurel won the dean's award for distinguished teaching in 2013 and 2014.

Aren has a lifelong interest in American History. Join him on this brief learning experience to rediscover the past.


This course is a short 5 week review course that covers US History from 1775 to 1791, including the Declaration of Independence, Revolution, Articles of Confederation and the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights. 

Participants may include: primary and secondary students, college students, adults, immigrants to America, American History teachers, history buffs


Participants in this course will be able to describe key elements of American history during the American Revolution.  They will be able to explain the following:

  • What influenced the writing of the Declaration of Independence?
  • What events led up and triggered the American Revolution?
  • What do the American people gain via the Articles of Confederation and the Constitution?
  • What rights are Americans granted via the Bill of Rights? 


All course content is freely accessible via the internet. The purchase of books or media is not required.